Whenever you play in a casino you are playing against the house or playing against some bots with crappy Artificial intelligence and no decision power. This makes the game boring, only real players can give you the best experience. Bit-Exo is one of the casinos that provides you with such experience and let you play many varieties of poker against real human in real time. We will review Bit-Exo on various parameters, so let’s start.

Signup and Money

Bit-Exo uses Moneypot as their wallet provider, so if you have an account with them you can just log in and continue. For those who have heard about Moneypot first time, let me tell you that Moneypot is a bitcoin wallet that has integrated with many casinos to provide easy fund access across casinos. The deposits are credited after 1 confirmation and withdrawals are instant. They charge 300 bit fee regardless of the actual fee and they pay the rest fee. Transfer of money from one casino to another is instant on MoneyPot. The website also offers EUR and USD deposits.


The website is purely based on HTML5 that makes it fast and responsive on all computers, tablets and even mobiles. The website is dark theme and contrast are good. But having theme options will make it awesome.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the chat section with emoji support. The emoji are pretty good and helpful during the chat. The BET BOT there will help you if you get stuck and tells live stat about big bets. There is also tipping and rain feature which makes the chat a nice area.

Play now at Bit-Exo


A total of 10 games is offered at Bit Exo. These are

  • Dice, the classical one
  • Plinko, a unique game where a coin will fall and you have to choose a row.  Your payout will be determined by the cell on which the coin fell.
  • Roulette, no need to introduce it.
  • Bitsweep, a remake of Minesweeper where you can choose no of bombs according to your choice in a 5×5 grid. The more bomb the more is the profit and risk.
  • Slots, spin, spin, and spin.
  • Bitclimber,  the payout will start increasing but when it will decrease nobody knows. Guess when it will fall and cash out just before that.
  • Bitclimber,  the payout will start increasing but when it will decrease nobody knows. Guess when when it will fall and cash out just before that.
  • Sliders, I will say it a better version of the the Dice game where you have the option to choose range in which dice will roll instead of just high and low.
  • Poker, It’s world famous and needs no introduction. This game is live PvP.
  • Slots & Go poker
  • Wonder Wheel, A wheel with multiplier will be paced for you just bet on multiplier and if that multiplier comes, you win.

Affiliate and Jackpot

The website provides you referral program giving you up to 10%. The jackpot is progressive and is shared among the players who have wagered the most.


We give Bit Exo 4.7 out of 5. There is no dedicated support service, but if in a problem you can email them or contact them on bitcointalk.