BitDice Provably Fair dice game site review

Bitdice is no doubt one of the best licensed casinos out there has been rated with a rating of 9/10 by one of the most reputed member of the bitcointalk community and you can verify it right anytime by going to Casino Overview section.

Performace and Security

Bitdice website is online since February 2014 the year bitcoin reached a high value for the first time . They have their own custom software built with RubyOnRails, Redis, Memcached, WebSockets, RabbitMQ . They use Continuous Integration & TDD along with performance load tests as well . They are one of the least mistaken websites when it comes to hacking and security with only two failures which is least . They can Handle over 1500 bets per second . Their system is protected by a set of 20 protocols which is being updated consistently and they receive a security alert through SMS and they immediately block that user if they see any abnormal game.
Their Hot wallet holds only 10% of the bankroll and they have multiple option like chat, stats and even on site martingale .

The PV Factor

The PV factor is a great category to make folks realise how safe is it to bet on any casino . PV expands as Provably fair and for bitdice it is recommended to bet .
This website has got investment options and you can invest in the bankroll, and receive a share of the site winnings . The website has got 3 coins you can invest through . They have also added a faucet and the house edge is 1% with a maximum win of a whopping 20 BTC.

The JackPot

BitDice Casino uses a progressive JackPot system where 1% of the House Edge is added to the JackPot pool that increases with every bet made on the website. Player needs to roll a 77.7777 but to prevent abuse JackPot has a staged reward system where a bet amount bigger than 0.01 BTC is required to win the 90% of JackPot. Bets that are less than 0.01 BTC will get only a part of the JackPot.