Bitvest is a simple yet wonderful online bitcoin casino

Bitvest is a simple yet wonderful online bitcoin casino. It is made with simplicity in mind and that makes it adapt on the mobiles very well. The whole website including games is in HTML5 that makes it fast. The chat and rain make it unique too. The investment option makes it perfect. Time to know a little more about Bitvest.


The website is made using HTML5 that makes it fast and responsive. All the menu items are on the left bar. The games and currency types can be found on the right-hand side. In the center, you get the beautiful game and below that your stats that can be changed to show any stats. The website also has a dark theme that can be accessed from the Account menu. There you can change game speed, volume Hotkeys, Notifications and your deposit address.

The chat section is designed in such a way that you can chat and play at the same time. The chat is divided into two parts Regular and VIP. VIP section needs 0.01 BTC balance. Apart from chatting in public, you can send private message too. The rainbot credits few people after few minutes with few tokens.

Signup and Currencies

When you land on the website you will have your account with random username, you can play and withdraw. The account is based on cookies and will delete after clearing cookies in your browser so be sure to register the account. 2 factor authentication can be found in accounts tab and adds extra layer of security to the funds. The deposit are credited after 1 confirmation. Withdrawals are instant. If you have Altcoins you can deposit them by ShapeShift. They have in house tokens named TOK. These can be obtained in rain and faucet. Once accumulated enough, you can exchange them for 1 satoshi per token.


Play Now
A game of Plinko, Click to Play Now

They provide 5 games:

  • Plinko
  • Dice
  • Slots
  • Roulete
  • Bitspin

Plinko is a great games where a coin feels from the top and lands on a cell of a specified color row. The number written on the cell is your outcome. You have to choose the color of the row. Most casino have this game but you can customize the row here. Yes you can change the game as you like it. Bitspin is a wheel having numbers written on it, the number is the outcome and you can change the wheel’s number too according to your need. All the games have auto bet and hotkeys support.

Quests and Referrals

Bitvest have Daily Quests in which you have to complete some specific tasks in 24 hours and you will be awarded. The tasks are easy like play 10 games of dice or hit 10x on Plinko.

They adapt a three tier referral scheme, that means you will get commissions from your referral’s referral and their referral too. Your referral  will give you 10% their referral 5% and their referral 3%.

They also have Investment option with margin which starts from 0.01 BTC.


I will give them 4.8 stars out of 5 because I found everything there and they have shown proof of funds on their bitcointalk page. The moderators in the chat are very helpful. A perfect place to wager.