SafeDice Casino

The Casino
SafeDice is an old and trusted Crypto Currency online casino, working since 2014, it conquered the public with their friendly support, nice design and low house edge. It have became one of the most common casinos among all of them. Only Dice game is disponible on this casino site.

House Edge
The House Edge at SafeDice is the lowest if we compare it with another casinos, only 0.5%. That is why many gamblers choose this site to try their strategies, maximizing the profit, lowering the risks. You will hardly find another casino with so low House Edge like SafeDice. In practice, it means you have more chances to play for more time until a big loss streak comes and you lose all your coins.

Currently, SafeDice accepts two currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), but they have plans to start accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCC or BCH) soon. We don’t know yet when this will be add to the site though.

Provably Fair
The site uses the well known provably fair system, legit one.

Referral System
SafeDice gives you up to 0.1% of wagered amount from every player that you refer to them.

Maximum Win
There isn’t a fixed maximum profit per bet. The maximum win is how much the house can risk per roll. The amount will be a percentage of the site’s bankroll and be adjusted in real time.

One of the negative points of this Dice site is that they don’t have a faucet integrated. If you want to play you must deposit your own money on the site.

At SafeDice you have the option to invest at house’s bankroll. The house will share profit with you proportionally to your investment size. You can choose risk level (0.5x, 1x or 2x), being 0.5x conservative, 1x recommended and 2x agressive. You can start or finish an investment any time.

Negative Points
There are some recently complainments about SafeDice. Support isn’t being very active, withdraws are often disabled or the site is offline. These are few reasons why many gamblers stopped using this site on the last months. But there isn’t any complainment about scams though, the casino continues legit and paying although all the complainments.

Why to Play at SafeDice?
If you are looking for a low House Edge casino SafeDice is a great opportunity for you. The reliability is a good reason to choose this site also, they are working, paying and using provably fair system since 2014, that is enough time to build a positive and solid reputation on the internet. More than 79534 BTCs have been waged, more than 239565822 bets have been already made. Another reason to choose SafeDice is the Two-Factor Authentication system to keep your account and funds safe, very important feature, especially for investors and gamblers playing with large sums of money.

Most accessible support via Email or at BitcoinTalk Forum official thread at Gambling section.

That is All!
I hope this review helped you to understand and learn more about this incredible Dice site that is SafeDice! Good luck and remember: Don’t be greedy and never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Cheers!