Satoshimine : Best bitcoin minesweeper game

Satoshimines is a unique and one of its kind in the bitcoin gambling world. It is only made for minesweeper gambling but believe me its a lot of fun. And you wont need any other gambling if you get addicted to it because it is actually very addictive game.

The good thing is that it provides the best odds in the gambling world with very little house edge. The minesweeper game would be played by many in their mobiles but here you bet your bitcoins(bits) so that means alot and increases the fun as well.

Satoshimines is a provably fair game so you dont need to worry about the fareness of the game and also it is mobile friendly so you can play anywhere when you want to. As it is very easy to play and requires very little time so you can play it even when you are free for only couple of minutes.

Account registration

The unique thing about it that you dont need to register here to gamble. You dont need any password or even any email id to play here. You will get a unique url which you can bookmark in your browser and all done,you can start playing here.Ya make sure you keep that url safe if you have some amount in there.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Making deposit is as easy as it could be. Just select deposit and you will get your bitcoin deposit address. Before the credited the deposit instantly to your satoshimines account but i am being their regular costumer they changed their policy just now and and all the deposits are credited after getting one confirmation in the blockchain. You can deposit here as low as 0.0001btc and play with that.

Withdrawal is also very simple you just need to have your deposit 3 confirmations and all done. You can withdraw any time.The best thing is withdrawals are done instantly whenever you request them.


They provide email support if you need their help. Just click on help icon and you need to enter your email id and your problem and the admin will reply you in about 24 hours which is very friendly.


Satoshimines is a very addictive and fun game to play and gamble your bitcoins. It is very simple as easy to play and mobile friendly.The game is provably fair. And i myself being their old costumer i can assure it is one of the best way to gamble your coins and can have fun at the same time.