Fairlay, never bet against real users

If you are in a bitcoin casino you are betting against the house. Same applies on sports betting too. You never bet against real users, Fairlay fills this gap. It is a prediction market/betting exchange, where users place bets on a variety of things against other players, not the house.


The website is simple and categorized with a search bar on the top-right corner. Signup has two options, simple one with a secret URL and the classical one with login and password. You have to bookmark the secret URL or verify email in case of classic login.

The unit on the website is mBTC and any deposit below 5 mBTC is ignored. Withdrawals are instant and have a fee of 0.2 mBTC with minimum 1 mBTC limit.

Fairlay provides bets on sports, with 0.00% fees, news, horse racing and some miscellaneous things. The bets are with provably best odds and strong market makers that provide better odds than pinnacle with about the same liquidity. They were No. 1 user voted sports book (18.05.2015). API are provided for market makers, professional and hackers.

You can create your own predictions like “who will be XXXXX in 2018 ?”. For that, you need a security deposit of 10 mBTC and your content must not be spam or of no public interest. The fees will be 2% of the net winnings and you will receive 50% of that amount. To create such, head over to New Market section in your profile.


Fairlay has been featured in Cryptocoinnews, CoinDesk, and bitcoin.de(German). Having a dedicated support and feedback system makes them trustworthy. There are no reports of scam or any issues against Fairlay and they can be trusted.

Bets found on Fairlay

Bets on Fairlay are not just bookish, they are unique and have many options to bet on. For example, you can bet on party A to win elections and at the same time bet against the party B and party C. You have more options and that will give you more profit. Bets can be upon news of bitcoin or altcoin, hits on a page or even youtube views or likes.


Farlay has a dedicated support system but lacks 2-factor authentication which has became necessary nowadays to keep the account secure.