Primcedice – one of the oldest bitcoing gambling sites

When it comes to bitcoin dice gambling,the first name that would come in most of the users around the world would surely be primedice such is the reputation of this dice site.

Primcedice was launched in May 2013 and hence one of the oldest bitcoin gambling site and PrimeDice was the very first bitcoin betting experience that will laid the walls for precisely what dicing has grown to be today.Primedice says itself the most trusted and popular bitcoin gambling site and  proclaims itself to be the “undisputed #1 bitcoin gambling website and casino.It has since grown into a good bitcoin gambling site that is regarded for the gaming experience and features it offers. It cites more than 300 pages of positive feedback on the Bitcointalk forums to claim that it is “the undisputed most popular and trusted bitcoin game in the world.”

Account Registration

Registering at primcedice doesnt require the typical sign up system which you may experience in many other sites registration.When you first enter the site would just ask your name,and it is not neccessary that you write your original name,it only upto you can you can mention even your nickname or anything.And then just ticking up some boxes which will be that you accept their terms and conditions and other is that you are atleast 18 years old.And just its done,after that you will be bought to the site dashboard with your account signed in.

And now you can set your password here and email address as well to recieve notifications and also help in customer supports as well.Also there is an option of 2-factor authentication which you may enable in your account to enhance the security of your account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit is pretty easy,you will be given a specific deposit address where you have to tranfer the bitcoins as much as you want and all the deposits will be credited here after getting one confirmation on the blockchain.

Withdrawals are also processed instantly to your bitcoin address you mention,just your deposit should be confirmed in the blockchain.

House Edge and Fairness

Primedice use their own proprietary software which ensures the fairness of the game.

If you need to verify the result of a dice roll, just click on the Provably Fair button (the button with the “justice weighing scale” icon). Doing so will display the details on the client seed and server seed SHA-256 hash on the left part of the game. Go to the Verify page of Primedice (the link is near the upper right corner of the site) for the details on how you can test the fairness of the game.

Primedice has a house edge of 1%, which the site brags as the lowest for a dice site. It actually isn’t. There are a few sites that offer lower house edge. The house edge of, for example, can be lowered to 0.8% based on the level of a player

Some Great Features of Primcedice

  • Minimum bet is only 1 satoshi
  • Free bitcoin faucet
  • Provably fair game
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Anonymous playing

Hence why not give it a go if you havent yet.